Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day

It snowed this weekend. In two days we got more snow than we did all of last winter. And just like every other year, this first snowfall means lots of work for Jim.  Cross country skiers are not a patient bunch, and they don't care if the ski centre is open or not, they want to ski! Jim really needed some help and while my plans were to spend a snowy Saturday cleaning and baking, I had mercy on him and agreed to help. I piled on the warm layers, dug out my snow boots and got ready for a long, cold day. 

There is a quiet rhythm to working outside in the winter and it is easy to get lost in one's thoughts. As I worked, I started thinking of when Jim and I were first married. We were flat broke and we did all that we could to get ahead. Jim would help me clean apartments and I would help him at the ski centre. Either way, it was hard work and we were cold and damp or sweaty and gross, depending on the season. Cleaning up filth or packing snow, we did what we had to do.

I don't know how we ever made it through those first couple of years. It seems so long ago - when really it isn't - but we have come a long way. 

Saturday was a fun day for us with plenty of laughter and silliness. I'm glad I went and helped, instead of staying home alone. Working together, the way we used to, reminded me of all the reasons I love my husband and why we make such a good team.

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  1. nice sentiments-writing makes me more aware of how I feel.