Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Necessities of Life and Light

I haven't written in a while, I have been taking plenty of photos and tinkering with the settings on my phone to get the best results. It will have to do until I can purchase a 'real' camera.

I hate writing just for the sake of writing, I prefer to wait for inspiration to strike, but I'm now realizing that inspiration is elusive. Inspiration gets chased away by a busy and preoccupied brain and lately there's been too much of both. I really look forward to and (in a way) require time alone in order to be the best me. Lately any semblance of alone time has been chased away by various interlopers.

This past weekend away was a good example of how little control I sometimes have over my own life and needs. I was surrounded by too many people in a place I consider sacred. Too much noise and chaos for me to be able to recharge my emotional batteries made for a cranky Holly. And by early morning on the second day I was desperate for some quiet. For a change I was able to express myself (at least to my husband) and gather some time alone. And because he understands me so well, the hubby got up and dressed and grabbed the dog leashes and said "let's go". Off we went on a 3km hike through the woods with our dogs and it made a world of difference.

I am learning, perhaps a bit late in life, that I have to take care of me. It isn't always easy, and sometimes the words come out wrong but it is a necessity. I absolutely need aloneness in order to be happy.

Here are some pictures from my weekend away.

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  1. I walk in the woods for a couple of miles almost every day.Once in the forest ,I follow a favorite path or bushwhack part of the way.Once under the trees a calm and very alert spirit comes over me....and so I proceed ,until re-emerging onto the paved road.same path-different every time-IF I am paying attention!
    Love Dad