Thursday, June 09, 2016

Carry On

Thinking about this morning and nothing makes sense. We were out for our morning walk, it was a stunning morning. We were enjoying the sun and the flowers along the way. I had gotten up a bit early and was able to take my time, snap a few photos and then everything changed.
I can see it frame by frame. One minute the dog was coming towards us and the next the owner was standing there and I'm saying "they're just barking, they're okay".  For a brief second I got the girls into a sit, but then what?

And like a photograph I can see that dog - stock still, tail erect, haunches up and leaning in towards the girls. Next I'm turned 180° and Georgie is in his mouth all four of her feet off the ground. I don't know what happened next, all I can remember is kneeling on the ground and checking her for wounds.

The owner kept asking is he okay? is he okay? Yes. Yes, she's okay.

I just wanted to hold her and baby her, but I pushed her off, stood tall, and said "let's go!" There was nothing to be gained by histrionics and Georgie would gauge her reaction on my own. So cool, calm and collected we headed back; I needed to carry on as if all was well. And maybe all was well, we were all together and safe. Everyday I am presented with opportunities to carry on and I do. 

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