Saturday, March 04, 2017


Its been a grueling few weeks at work. I've been pulling double duty, filling in for the prep cook who is out with a broken hip,  and it's left me weary and a bit worn out. When I come home from work there are still floors needing to be swept, supper needing to be cooked, on Mondays I curl, on Wednesdays I take Georgie to agility, and I'm always busy crocheting and collecting for the refugees. By the time Friday rolls around I am ready to sit on the couch like a lump. Yesterday though, the late afternoon sun was calling to me "come outside, feel me on your face". So I bundled up and grabbed the dogs and headed out.

What joy! It was not nearly as cold as I had imagined and we headed west straight into the sun's rays. I had intended to walk to the mailbox and back but we passed right by and turned the corner. The sun was glorious and it finally felt like spring was on its way. We kept on going and then... it struck me. This. This is what I've been missing. This is why I've been so tired. The glare ice of February had kept me inside.

Winter tends to wear you down, you start off strong and defiant against its force. As the months drag on it becomes harder to rail against the wind and cold, and sometimes (without even realizing it) you succumb to it's icy grip. But yesterday I broke free and I blurted out "I'm having an epiphany!" which excited Minnow and she did a little dance on the snow.

An epiphany. I saw the golden light around me, shining on the ice and it energized my spirit. I took my gloves off and fished my phone out to take some pictures and thankfully my quirky camera cooperated. It felt good, it was exactly what I needed. Somehow I had let my spark be crowded out by the mundane. I'll need to be vigilant against that happening in the future. There is beauty all around, even in mid-winter.

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