Thursday, March 31, 2016

Out of the fog.

I've been in a fog the past few weeks, struggling with the black dog of depression. Just going through the motions with a pasted on smile; as my father is fond of saying "fake it 'til you make it. Going to Minneapolis was a bit of a trigger for me, it seems. I knew there would be some emotional fall-out from the trip, but I didn't expect a funk that would last four weeks.
But Tuesday I awoke with my head in a positive place and the storm clouds had cleared. Some favourable wind blew in and brought me back to the me I've worked hard to become.

In addition to not feeling well, I also wasn't eating well. Or sleeping well. Or writing. It was just too hard. I started to, many times, but just gave up and made excuses to myself. My brain just felt too muddled to make sense of the stream of thoughts swirling beneath the surface. Today is clear and bright and I am ready. It's going to be a great day

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