Sunday, April 03, 2016

Am I who I've imagined?

Standing at the kitchen sink this afternoon, peeling potatoes and listening to curling on the TV in the next room. I was thinking about how much easier life would be if I had some chickens, then I could feed the peels to my flock. Isn't that what people do? Wouldn't that be easier than putting them in the compost collector under the sink, only to have to be emptied outside and then I'd have to wash the container. So much easier to throw them out my back door for the chickens.

At least I like to think it would be so in my imagined life. The one where we live out at our cottage, and I have chickens and hopefully some donkeys. That's the dream, that's the reason I go to work every day, that's the vision that motivates me. Every. Day. It's such a nice life that I've imagined.

But then it struck me, is this life that I'm living - right now - ever been one that I've imagined? Standing in my kitchen, waiting for more snow (in April!), making scalloped potatoes while I listen to curling? No, I have never laid in bed on a sleepless night and imagined myself here. But here is where I am, and I rather quite enjoy it. Hubby puttering in the basement, dogs napping in the sun spot and me in the kitchen, doing what I do best - cooking. It's a pretty nice place to be!

Little pieces of me, placed upon a shelf. 

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