Saturday, April 16, 2016

With apologies to George Harrison

Every morning a little black dog climbs upon my chest to wake me up. I call her my little ray of sunshine, because even on the darkest of days she reminds me of the power of love.
When I first adopted Georgie two years ago I was in a dark place. I had lost my 12 year old dog to a suspected brain tumour after a brief and devastating illness. We were broken in this house, stumbling around in the darkness and simply going through the motions. There was plenty of blame and anger and sadness to go around, but no love or light or laughter and that had to change. So I began a search for a new dog despite my husband's opposition. It didn't take me long to find a small black dog who was described as "very much longing to fit in somewhere and just wants to be loved for who she is". Well then, don't we all? So I went to meet her and when I saw how well she fit with our other dog, I knew she would be coming home.

From the beginning she was a ray of sunshine and because she had come home in early spring, after a "long cold lonely winter" I named her Georgie. From the first she slept at the foot of our bed and, for many months, if she woke in the middle of the night she would crawl up next to me and nuzzle me for some pets. I got the feeling that she wanted to be sure I was still there and having confirmed that she was content to return to the foot of the bed. Come morning she would return and lay upon my chest, her tail thumping against my leg. It's her way of letting me know that she is ready to face the day that spreads before us and don't I want to get up and join her? I do, indeed.

Georgie is a funny little dog. Half dachshund and half blue heeler and full of mischief. She is the smartest dog I've ever owned and keeps me on my toes. She lives to be outside and rainy days like today are spent staring out the window. She is my biggest and best motivator: to wake up, to laugh, to soak up the sunshine, to go for a walk, to inspect the puddles, to play a game, to hike in the woods... We do it all together. She is the dog I've always wanted, the dog I've always needed, and if I am to believe the rescue's advert for her - the dog whose super power is love.

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