Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Afghan progress, day three.

I like the way my granny square project is shaping up. I have a large drawer full of bits and pieces of yarn, most of them rolled neatly, all leftovers from projects gone by. If you're an avid crocheter/knitter it's a handy stash to have, you never know when you might need just a smidge of pink, or a bit of blue. The problem is that your stash of scraps is always expanding. So when the idea of a square a day was presented to me, I seized it. Granny squares can use up even the smallest of scraps.

Today I decided to bring up all my little balls of yarn and put them into one of my folding craft bags. The plan is to reach into the bag and choose a ball of yarn 'blindly'. Yesterday I caught myself postponing crocheting my square because I wanted a particular colour that was in the basement. Choosing the colour randomly eliminates that avenue of procrastination. As an added bonus, I've already caught myself reminiscing about the scraps. I remember the pink was leftover from a baby blanket I made for a friend, over six years ago! How time flies, but that yarn brings me right back to baby Violet. As I reached in for the third time I wondered what colour would be next, the anticipation adding a bit of fun. Sorry to say I could have gone without the clashing blue that followed, but such is life. Some memories, some mysteries and some misses.

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