Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tears and Inspiration

Tears of sadness, tears of anger, tears of joy. These past few days, I just keep crying. At work, in public washrooms, hiding in a stairwell or marching down Portage Avenue - these tears keep erupting. I don't remember such a wellspring of emotions over something political.

I'm at such a loss how people things so differently. Why doesn't everyone understand that we are all one? That we are stronger together? That our diversity should be embraced? Why do some people see it so clearly while others are so blind?

Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by my emotions, I've felt such sorrow and fear and even joy that I have to admit it's  been a struggle to keep it together. Yesterday it felt as if the rug was pulled out from under me. When my husband came home from work mid-morning, he found me crying on the couch; aghast from the news on TV. I felt sick to my stomach and had a pounding headache. I just wanted to lay on the couch and cry all afternoon.

And I did, for a while.  Then my niece asked if I was going to go and watch her curl. She is just learning to curl and I usually go to encourage her interest. I didn't want to go, I hemmed and hawed with myself. I hated to disappoint her but I was a mess. My ever so wise hubby suggested that she and her dad stop by our house on their way home.

Visiting with a ten year old bundle of light was just the medicine I needed. She and I have a special relationship, we are growing closer all the time. I'm enjoying watching her grow up and I hope that I can always be a safe person for her. Sitting side by side with her last night gave me strength. She is my inspiration and I'm fairly certain I'm going to need some for the next four years.

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