Friday, August 17, 2012

Morning Light

For many years I have been a faithful public radio listener (good liberal that I am), NPR while I lived in the states and now CBC. I also used to watch a lot of CNN, too much perhaps. I suppose I believed that it made me smart or well-rounded. I took pride in being at the top of the news cycle. And I married a man who is devoted to local news, he watches close to two hours of local news daily on TV. It was getting to be a bit much.
Recently, I made the switch to CBC2, which is CBC's music station. They play a very eclectic mix of current singer-songwriters (with great classic artists mixed in) during the morning and afternoon drive times. Mid-day they play classical music which reminds of my Sunday mornings at my dad's house.

Listening to music in the mornings creates a calmer me. I find I am more relaxed on my way to work and pay more attention to my surroundings; noticing a rabbit racing across someone's yard or the beautiful sunrise. It is a much more pleasant way to start my day.

There are so many issues and ideas that the news media bombards us with and these are things that are out of our control. Yet so many people allow the problems of the world to control them. I have been making a conscious effort to be the master of my own thoughts, to write (and in some cases re-write) the narrative of my life, and I can't allow the media to manipulate me.

I don't mean to suggest that I have stuck my head in the sand and lost interest in anything but myself. I have always been interested in world events and politics, I just have to not allow myself to be all-consumed by it. Every day I want to look around and see the beauty around me. Take a look for yourself.

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