Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summertime Blues

A few weekends ago, at the lake, we drove past a field full of yellow flowers. It was a beautiful sight. Jimmy asked me what kind of flowers they were and I responded tansy.  Then I recalled how tansy heralds the height of summer. When it appears and is in full bloom, you know it is all downhill after that and fall is on its way. My interesting tidbit drew groans and everyone agreed that that was a pretty depressing thought and why would I mention it?

Sure enough, this past weekend the flowers weren't as vibrant and some of the foliage has already turned brown. Just as soon as we get comfortable with summer, fall rears its sleepy head and looks around. The evenings have turned cooler and the chorus of complaints is getting louder. But you won't hear any from me. The change in seasons doesn't really bother me anymore. I look forward to all of the seasons and the delights they bring. There are crisp fall nights with warm fires; winter's icy cleanness and beautiful snow and spring's promise of new life. Each season brings me joy in different ways. 

Yesterday, I had to put on a hoodie for the first time in months and I loved it. Warm and cozy and comfortable - how can you go wrong with that? I don't think there is any need to complain about the things we have no control over, it just saps time and energy. And if the weather is your biggest complaint - then consider yourself lucky! I know I am lucky, because I am about to pull a blueberry pie out of the oven.

Tansy is an interesting flower with little 'buttons' for flowers. In spite of the bad news it brings, I think it is quite cheery and besides, it makes an excellent insect repellent!

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