Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Well,  I am going to take a giant leap here and expose myself. I have been mulling this idea around for quite some time and have recently been encouraged by my favourite blogger, Jon Katz at Bedlam Farm. He didn't encourage me in a personal way, but he provides me with more guidance than I think he would ever expect. 
It seems that my brain is changing (some have suggested that this is due to perimenopause) and I am seeing the world in a new way. I feel quite at ease with myself and my life. I feel like things are clicking into place and making sense. Sort of like getting enough pieces of the jigsaw together to see the bigger picture and fill in the blanks.

Why have I felt (for so long) that I am not good enough. Certainly, I am not a good enough writer. Certainly, my photos are amateurish. My knitting is full of mistakes. My house is never clean enough. All of those things and more. We all hear the voices. It can feel quite confusing, all these voices coming from nowhere and everywhere all at once and telling us how to be, how to think and how to feel. And most importantly - how to feel about ourselves. But are any of those things true? and who decides what is good enough?

In the end, it all comes down to me. 

So, I have decided to let myself decide. 

My light in the darkness.


  1. This is awesome sister....XO

  2. I am pleased to see you writing about things that matter to you.I liked this starting piece.Love Dad