Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's been really hot for about a week or so, keep in mind that I live in Canada and we don't "do" hot here. We've been trying to stay cool with lots of water and the ceiling fans on full speed. So far, so good.
The dog, however, is getting bored. I relented tonight and took her for a walk despite the temps. It's my favourite time to go for a walk because it is that curious hour of dusk when you can see into people's houses. I really enjoy catching glimpses into other homes. Observing someone washing the dishes alone in the kitchen, or sitting around talking with friends, even just seeing what they might be watching on TV is fascinating for me.
Tonight what I noticed is how closed up the houses were on my street. All the windows drawn and lights off. The only noise was their air conditioners humming steadily. Porches and pools were empty, everyone inside enjoying their forced air. PD and I wandered the neighbourhood, seemingly alone except for a rabbit and a late night robin. I picked some raspberries from the house down the street, which were amazingly sweet. (I actually feel bad for the berries - every year they are left to rot, even though the owners claim they want them). 
We kept on moving, enjoying the light breeze and when we got to the corner, I noticed something different. The old sign across the street had been refreshed. I have to admit, I am not sure what it used to say. I think it  used to advertise acupuncture and crystals. But the sign was in such disrepair that I believed it was for a defunct home business. Whatever the case might be, they have painted the sign and put up a new message for passers-by.

Having seen their handiwork tonight, I know that I will take their advice to heart every day. My hope is that the many motorists who pass by will see it and do the same. I hope they are not asleep and blind to the sign's simple beauty. Those of us who are already awake and believing, will smile and nod. I think that there are more of us than I first suspected.


  1. berries and ambling the canadian way.The wonders of AC putting people away from the world.Pools are good in the hot.

  2. Hi Sister...I believe!!!!!!!!! in the flow of the universe and I'm smiling because I love you!