Thursday, July 05, 2012

Wake up!

In my mail today there was a pamphlet from the kind Jehovah's Witnesses (too bad I missed them). I was about to just toss it in the recycling, when the headline caught my eye.

"Would you like to wake up every morning with happy, positive thoughts?" 

Yes, yes I would and believe it or not - most days I do. I am blessed to share my bed with my dear husband and a big old mutt. And every morning, every one, my dear hubby, Jim, says to me "Good morning, pretty, did you sleep well?". Not hard to be happy with that, is it? I know he says it because he means it and being loved so much by someone - in spite of all my flaws - truly makes me happy.

When we got married, almost 6 years ago, my father pulled Jim aside and warned him what I was like in the morning. I think the word my dad used to describe me was "bear". Jim took it to heart and was careful with me for a long time. Plenty has happened since we were newlyweds, but most importantly Jim has showed me how to be happy. How to be at peace with myself and to see that life is good, I am good and love is everywhere.

I may not always sleep well (and believe you me I don't) but I am responsible for how I feel in the morning. Ironically, last night I tossed and turned thinking of the blog. What was I going to write about today, was I going to post everyday or just when the mood struck me? All night long "what ARE you going to write about!!" When I woke up this morning (greeted by Jim's warmth and the dog's wet kisses) I realized that the blog would take care of itself and I could relax. I knew at some point the idea would come to me and I would follow its lead. What I didn't know that my inspiration would come from the Jehovah's Witnesses.


  1. You a bear in the morning, sweetness and light, but only after the first cup of coffee, please and thank you.

  2. I love when inspiration comes from the place we least expect it.